The undulating waterfall tassels, the aroma of food, and the flowing wines create a unique vibe in the space while retaining a sense of mystery, allowing guests to appreciate the essence of gastronomy and a multitude of possibilities.

The dining space offers the guests an immersive atmosphere. The glittering chandelier by the window reflects light inside to complement the symphony of gourmet flavors.


LOPFAIT is proud of its four independent dining rooms, two with round tables and two with rectangular tables. Each of the rectangular -table dining rooms accommodates six guests. The two rooms can be combined to create a twelve-seat dining area.

The round table dining rooms
Accommodates ten guests.
The round table dining rooms accommodate ten guests each, twenty guests if two are connected. Artistic interior with golden accents is inspired by natural elements: lines that resemble the leaves and sparkles, and the ceiling designed with a geometry of flower buds. The ambiance is perfect for gatherings with family and friends.
The rectangular table dining rooms
Accommodates six guests.
The venue’s style is a fusion of gold and beige colors that create an inviting grand ambiance.Arcs and diamond-shaped elements form an atmosphere that is ideal for business occasions as well as for private parties.